The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

Non-formal Explorations

In order to learn more about the factors that may be important in making predictions, we occasionally wish to make informal or non-formal predictions, not to be included in the basis for evaluation of the formal hypotheses. For example, an event may be of great interest in one country but unknown or little attended in the rest of the world. A set of such informal predictions was made for the Indian elections in early October 1999. Similar exploratory assessments may also be made for certain events in addition to those specified in formal predictions. This page provides access to the analytical results for the informal explorations. An asterisk * signifies extended exploration.

Indian Elections
6-7 October, 1999, Kishor.
May, 1999, Juan Zapata-Arauco.
Giant Rock Splitting
Feb. 2000, via Steve Sugarman.
Brahms Deutsche Requiem
March 2000, via Fan Ting Lui.
NYSE Market Plunge
Apr 14 2000 Drop, Marsha Adams.
May 13, 2000, Fatima, Reinhilde
Beatification and Birthdays, Ramos-Dalmau.
Death of Egg Host Barry Fenn
May 22, 2000, Memorial and search for insight, Nelson.
Exams in Wien, an Exploration
June 14-16, 2000, Local and Global effects, Pucher.
Earthquake in Iceland
June 17, 2000, Personal and Global interest, Pucher.
Cosmophysical Influences
S. Shnoll, et al., Russia, T. Zenchenko.
Earthquake in Seattle Washington
Insight on local vs non-local influences.
Space Weather, Solar Flare
How does potent energy flux affect the EGG network?
* Organizing Global Harmony
What is the overall result for group meditations?
Death of Larissa Vilenskaya
June 13, 2001, Loss of a wise woman of the community.
180 Nations agree on Kyoto
July 23, 2001, Ecology and Economy begin to achieve parity.
Remembrance, Dec 11 2001
Two months after the Sept 11 tragedies, music and meditation.
Hayden Schwartz, a transition
Does a global consciousness see our personal loss?
Destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan
Does a global consciousness see our cultural loss?
Healing Elisabeth Targ
The presence of a luminous being in the network of her friends.
My Mother's Passing
Does a deeply important personal event produce an "experimenter effect"?
Losing Jennifer Sandy
Another examination of personal involvement and possible experimenter effects.
Disclosure Press Conference
Effects of an occasion of great importance to a modest number of people.
Martin Teucher's Death
A mysterious request to check Nov 27 2002 for something significant.
Superbowl, Jan 2003
Do hugely popular sporting events promote coherent global mind?
* Local Sidereal Time
Mike Meyer, Feb 2003, extends John Walker's early look at cosmic correlations.
* Local Sidereal Time II
Mike Meyer extends his early look at cosmic correlations, now with 8 years of data.
Cheponis House Fire
August 10 2003, Mike Cheponis' house is destroyed by fire, and his egg along with it.
Anna Lindh Murder
September 2003, popular Swedish politician, Anna Lindh, dies hours after stabbing.
Solar Storm
Another look at energy flux effects on the EGG network.
Matrix Revolutions
Synchronized Opening. Fans believe this movie is philosophically interesting.
Athens Meditations
A spiritual development group seen by the network, and a local egg.
Avebury Global Meditation
synchronized worldwide meditation in a sacred spot, Avebury, England.
Bosick Apartment Fire
January 22 2004, Fred Bosick's egg is shut down by fire in apartment building.
Superbowl 2004 Halftime
February 1 2004, The Janet Jackson breast baring incident in the halftime show.
Mel Gibson's Passion
A controversial movie stirs religious feelings in some, repugnance in others.
Nasdaq Peak Mar 24 2000
We look years later to see if the the eggs pay attention to the market.
King's Wedding, May 14 2004
Millions tune in as the young Danish king weds a girl from Australia.
Venus Transit, June 8 2004
How does a nearby astronomical rarity affect our egg network?
Championship Soccer 2004
We look at a major sporting event in Europe and most of the world.
Athens Meditations 2
Repeat: spiritual development group seen by the network, and a local egg.
World Puja/Hello from My Heart
Repeat: Web promoted meditation event, toning, spiritual joining.
Hurricane Ivan
One sample of many possible moments in a destructive path.
Cologne Tower
A strong departure during focused public attention to an imminent collapse.
Two Political Murders
Pym Fortuyn 2002 and Theo van Gogh 2004 are killed because they are public.
Tsunami 3-min Silence
A respectful meditation extending compassion to tsunami victims.
Indigo Film
A special film opening compared with elections in Iraq.
Loveall Conjecture
Will the EGG network respond to whimsical experimenter effects?
Rainier Funeral
Testing the "mimosa syndrome" re similar events in close succession.
Mayan Midlight
Does the Mayan Calendar give us valuable hints about conscious evolution?
Meditations for Peace
An annual event organized by the Rosicrucian Order.
Michael Jackson verdict
Does a media frenzy over a bizarre, troubled fading star cook the eggs?
London Wins Olympic Bid
Exploring effects of a hugely positive public mood the day before a terrorist attack.
Pakistani Train Crash
A post facto examination of a serious accident and the surrounding time.
Harry Potter Book Release
Not so tongue in cheek look at a "global event" in the literary world.
Daniel Schorr on Terrorism
One of the wisest and most experienced news analysts on the state we're in.
Testing the Realtime Dot
Iran breaks UN seals on atomic plant, plus a border helicopter crash.
Plane Crash and Precognitions
Local and network reactions to a Cyprus airline crash near Athens.
The Art of Living
Millions celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Art of Living Foundation.
American Idol Winner
The EGG responds to a TV hit capable of drawing 63 million votes.
Steve Erwin dies
Controversial but widely loved "crocodile hunter" killed by a giant sting ray.
Hessdalen Observation
Do Earth Lights affect the GCP network locally or nonlocally?
Saddam Hussein Execution
Historically interesting but not likely to generate coherent emotional response.
* Burning Man Festival
An average across 8 years of this extraordinary event is itself remarkable.
NY Times on PEAR's Closing
How does the EGG network see the end of a 28 year run at Princeton.
Big Stock Market drop
Is excitement enough? Or does there need to be real sharing of feelings?
Conference Call for Coherence
6000 meditators and deeksha givers discuss and create coherence.
Good Friday Changes
An exploration of perceived effects during a special time on a major Christian holiday.
Holy Fire Jerusalem
purported "Miracle of Holy Light" on Resurrection Day, the Christian Orthodox Patriarch.
Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows
The seventh and last book of the series, with great expectation and excitement.
Barbara Morgan Lands
bringing closure to a painful era for NASA's space shuttle.
A Finnish School Massacre
student emulates deranged kids. Access to guns turns fantasy into tragedy.
Worldwide Radio Sermon
on Religion and Science, broadcast by Wolfgang Achtner on Deutschlandfunk.
2nd Annual Global Orgasm
2nd invitation to generate a surge of earth-healing through synchronized loving.
The 50th Vienna New Year's Concert
A beautiful event, with many millions of viewers around the world.
A Global Pulse Meditation
Organized by Earth Consciousness Institute to focus intention on planetary health.
The 6th annual Sound Healing day
Toning on Valentine's day, projecting spiritual music into the world.
A mysterious light in Kerala's night sky
draws a million pilgrims to focused attention.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi funeral ceremonies
bring many thousands to the Ganges.
Manifestation of an Avatar
might stimulate global consciousness and be seen by the GCP network.
Shooting rampage in a church
that is too close to home; more of the violence of crazed men.
Half Past Human
forecasts major social and financial tremor for early October 2008.
The Obama Effect
October 28 rally. Maybe experimenter effect. Who cares as long as it goes well.
The Omnium Foundation
organizes global meditations via webcasts, and we look for a possible GCP effect.
A helicopter crash in Turkey
kills a prominent political leader just before elections.
An attack on Dutch royal family
A man drives his car through the crowd, missing the royals, kills eight people.
The Starbucks Love Project
has people around the world singing "All You Need is Love" in unison.
The Opening of Avatar
was a major event in retrospect. The movie is breaking all records.
Ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan
killed and injured hundreds over days of rioting. 100,000 fled the country.
Worldcup: The US team wins
against Algeria, 1:0, with a goal in the 91st minute, advancing to the next level.
Glenn Beck Rally
Lincoln Memorial, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech.
First of Five Avatars
A transition to a new humanity will be lead by avatars born in the early 21st century.
Global Meditation 1.1.11
another large scale meditation showing the same low-variance trend.
Second of Five Avatars
A transition to a new humanity will be lead by avatars born in the early 21st century.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
a pioneer and leading spiritual figure in the Sahaja Yoga tradition, dies.
The Birth 2012 Teleseminar
Barbara Marx Hubbard and Stephen Dinan teach and urge conscious evolution.
Cricket, India vs Sri Lanka
in the World Finals were extraordinary, an exciting spectacle for a billion people.
Obama's budget
hardly exciting for the global mind, but it continues a remarkable series of Obama "hits".
Judgement Day May 21 2011
was to be the "rapture" when "true" Christians would rise to heaven.
Jack Layton's Funeral
was an occasion of great importance to Canadians. He was much loved.
Venus Transit 2012
The second and last transit of Venus until 2117.
CERN announces Higgs
Physicists at CERN decide they enough evidence to claim Higgs Boson found.
State of the Union 2013
Like the speech last April, this hardly excites the global mind, but it continues the "Obama Effect" series.