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Astrological Moments

This is a formal analysis, but is also a highly speculative exploration of an unusual source of predictions for global events. An analysis procedure developed by a GCP correspondent includes astrological information in an array of potential predictors for real world applications. The astrological descriptions are treated as indirect indicators for decision making, and address world conditions or events such as natural disasters, threats of war, attacks, etc. If the predictions are effective in that context, they also should point to GCP events.

We agreed to test this hypothetical correlation by analyzing a few of the astrological moments identified by the methods used for the decision analysis. I received a list of five moments:

As we discussed earlier, here are some suggested time windows for monitoring potential terrorist attacks during mid-December 2001.

The broad area of Dec 9–14 is the highest probability window based on a combination of astrology, psychic predictions, and the religious holiday calendar (e.g., end of Ramadan and Lailatul-Qadr Night of Power,), although the big window extends to Jan. 2

Within this broad band, a few specific times are isolated using the fast aspects of the moon as a trigger.

Dec 9, 3:15 PM EST.
Moon occupies 14.1 Libra, degree of Mercury on 9/11 attack date and Nov 12 American Airlines crash.

Dec 13, 9:06 PM EST.
Moon occupies position of Pluto at 12.6 Sag on 9/11 attack date.

Dec 14, 1:35 AM EST.
Moon occupies 15.1 Sag (hot spot of Mars during 2001)

Dec 14 2:03 AM EST.
Moon conjunct Pluto at 15.4 Sag and activates Saturn-Pluto opposition.

Dec 14 6:10 AM EST.
Venus occupies 15.1 Sag (hot spot of Mars during 2001)


As the moon is usually very precise, a time window of +/- two hours is appropriate with the morning of the 14th probably lumped into one test.

The following figures show the GCP data corresponding to the five identified points. The first figure shows a half hour surrounding the point, which I decided arbitrarily to use as the time window before I read the recommendation to use a time window of +/- two hours. The latter is shown in the second figure, and should be regarded as the formal test. The composite probability for the half-hour figure is 0.016 (Chi-square is 9289.1 on 9000 df). The composite probability for the formal test based on the four-hour periods is 0.037 (Chi-square is 72677 on 72000 df). It is worth noting that in both graphs, the same two of the five moments show clear trends. In the two-hour figure, the periods on the 9th and 13th have independent probabilities of 0.018 and 0.022, respectively. It is further worth noting that there was on December 13 an attack on the Indian Parliament by terrorists, leading to a fearful increase in tensions between India and Pakistan.

Astrological Moments +/- 15 min
Astrological Moments +/- 2 hours

Astrological Moments II

A second round of astrologically based predictions was made via email received 19 June 2002, from the GCP correspondent who uses astrological information in real world applications. This is the second such specification, and again I was provided with precise times and dates, along with some notes about why these moments would be important. They described, for example, ... Saturn's role as a trigger for the troubles in the Middle East, and suggested that more attacks may occur within the final 15 minutes of the applying transit, possibly ending with a crescendo of violence.

Prediction #1. Thursday June 20 at 11:48 EDT.

Negative astrological energy may also manifest when faster moving planets, such as the Moon, transit slower moving aspects. Some of these I included in the first test of Astrological Moments during December 2001.

Prediction #2. Sunday June 23 11:06 AM EDT: Transiting Moon conjunct Pluto

Prediction #3. Sunday June 23 6:57 PM EDT: Transiting Moon opposed Saturn

As before, the analysis was a standard Stouffer composite, with a period of four hours centered on the times specified. As the figure shows, two of the three are positive, and one is independently significant with p = 0.005. The overall chisquare for the three periods is 43606 or 43200 degrees of freedom with p = 0.084.

Astrological Moments +/- 2 hours