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"WorldPuja uses the power of the Internet to connect tens of thousands of people worldwide in meditation and prayer to create giant "pulses" of focused attention and intent."

This is one of an increasing number of organized efforts to influence the tenor of world consciousness to raise awareness and commitment to a healthier, peaceful future. We have looked at other such events in previous formal predictions, including one for this group. They have generally shown positive deviations, and an unusual proportion have strong effects. On March 30, Joanne Karl, the producer for WorldPuja, sent an email to let me know about the next event:

  just letting you know we are doing a live webcast w/ 
  James Twyman from South Africa March 31st at 11:45am 
  NY time.  you can go to for details. 
  we have also added chat again as we did on the Dec 
  17th webcast.  this certainly does intensify the 
  feeling among participants and we suspect increase 
  coherence. it becomes a truly interactive webcast. 

Since it only gives a beginning time, this is not enough information to circumscribe a formal prediction, so I arbitrarily decided to specify a one hour period, using one-second resolution, beginning with the appointed time. Thus, the formal prediction was for deviation during the time from UTC 16:45 to 17:45, 31 March 2001. The data for an hour before and after the event were also processed to provide context.

The first figure shows the results for the formal prediction, which has a positive trend and Chisquare = 3661 on 3600 degrees of freedom, and p = 0.235. The second figure shows the three-hour period centered around the hour specified for the WorldPuja Webcast event.

WorldPuja Webcast

The three-hour period, meditation marked.

WorldPuja Webcast context

A control comparison, using corresponding data from a pseudorandom source, has Chisquare 3659.6 on 3600 df and p = 0.240. The following graph displays the cumulative deviation of the pseudorandom data.

Worldpuja Meditation, Pseudo

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