World Healing Day, 2002

We set a prediction about World Healing Day, Aug 22 2002, based on information sent by one of the organizers, on Aug 18.

"Each meditation linkup will last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear and focused positive thought. During this time, keep in your mind and heart a vision of a world in which all live in peace, harmony, and joy. See conflict being resolved through forgiveness and understanding, and suffering being lifted. Visualize light spreading across the Planet as world consciousness is raised."

We could all take the world towards peace and healing in an instant, at the speed of thought, if everybody in the world acted together in their desire for peace.

We have a steadily growing list of the locations of participants on August 22. This is important: seeing that people are participating helps us all to see how well we are collectively doing on the healing path. It is also inspiring: reading the messages of others reminds us that we are not alone and that there is tremendous potential within people for change.

Joe Giove provided some specific times, and also promoted the event:

World Healing Day Meditation Link Up

WHEN: This Thursday, August 22 (full moon)

TIME: 12:00 noon GMT and 22:20 (10:20 PM) GMT
         San Francisco: 5:00 AM & 3:20 PM
         New York: 8:00 AM & 6:20 PM
         London: 1:00 PM & 11:20 PM
         Tokyo: 9:00 PM & 7:20 AM (the morning of Aug. 23)
         Sydney: 10:00 PM & 8:20 AM (the morning of Aug. 23)

The formal prediction was that the 20-minute periods beginning at 12:00 and 22:20 GMT would concatenate in a positive trend. The standard analysis applied to the concatenated periods did not show a substantial trend. We also planned to do the Device Variance Analysis, with a view to developing a standard protocol for combining the two perspectives to yield a composite probability that may be used in the future as the GCP's formal outcome measure. The correlated meanshift (standard analysis) had Chisquare 2434.8 on2400 df, for p = 0.305 (this is the outcome for the formal prediction). The device variance measure, based on permutation analysis using 1000 iterations, had p = 0.360. The combined probability is 0.352, using the method of adding logs, Chisq(df=2N) = SUM(-2*ln(p)). The first figure shows the meanshift analysis and the device variance is shown in the second.

World Healing Day, 2002 Variance World Healing Day, 2002

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