World Meditation 080816

A World Meditation centered and led from Budapest, Hungary was planned for a specific time and promoted worldwide with the invitation for people anywhere to join in a synchronized moment. The primary organizer was László Domján from Budapest, who wrote:

Subject: Join the world-meditation!

Our world is in crisis. Let's unite our minds' power on the 16th of August between 12.20 and 12.50 (Hungarian time) (6.20 and 6.50 a.m. NY-time) to improve our life on this planet. The meditation in English can be downloaded by right-clicking to

He also said, "The meditation's effect will be measured in Princeton by Dr. Roger Nelson!". While "measured" is not a correct description since we merely monitor what happens in a network of random generators, this is an instance of a type of event we examine. The effect size in our experiment is too small for any single event's effect to be reliably distinguished from noise (which is why we cannot "measure" a particular event). However, we have a long series of operationally defined "global events" including a subset which are large, organized meditations.

Some background is presented in an excerpt from an interview by Gabriella Szilagyi for Hungarian TV posted to YouTube. Gabriella is documenting the potential for intention and engagement to affect the world, and her interview provides a nice introduction to the the GCP.

The formal event definition was the hour from 12 noon until 1:00 Hungarian time (10:00 to 11:00 GMT). This included the period set for the meditation. The Chisquare for this period is 3701.566 on 3600 df, with p-value of 0.116 and Z = 1.194. Recalling that detailed interpretation is not reliable, this is a positive result, and the figure shows the data have a fairly steady deviation over the one hour period.

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