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Great Tornado Hits Joplin, Missouri

A great tornado touched down in Joplin, Missouri, and utterly destroyed a swath a kilometer wide and 10 Km long, including a hospital, stores, buildings, and thousands of homes. The following is from News-Leader.com.

As searches continue throughout storm-torn Joplin, and the
death toll mounts, reaction continues to spread across the

Those who have visited the city -- which some are now
estimating at 25 percent destroyed -- share grim words.
Ozark Police Chief Lyle Hodges said he and several other
officers arrived in Joplin around midnight last night and
provided security for residences and businesses.

Hodges said the destruction was unlike anything he's

"I've seen tornado damage ... but this was as far as
you could see," Hodges said. "You couldn't stand
anywhere and see the edge of destruction. The houses were
all destroyed. It wasn't one here and one there."

The death toll stood this afternoon 116, with thousands of
buildings destroyed or damaged.

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Tornado Hits Joplin, MissourGreat Tornado Hits Joplin,

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