Buddhist Stupa Consecration Ritual

Peter Bancel made a prediction in June 2001 concerning an important Buddhist ceremony dedicating a new Stupa (meditation focus) that would be installed in Colorado in August. He suggested that the Stupa consecration at the Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center would bring a substantial number of Buddhist meditators to a common focus for much of a 9-day period. He provided some information from the organizers, from which the following excerpts are taken:

Ninety Shambhala centers and groups are now involved. They stretch across four continents, promising to make the consecration the largest sustained event in the history of our community. More are signing up each week.

Most centers will be hosting a practice intensive that parallels the nine-day practice retreat at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center from 9 to 17 August. Major centers like Karmê Chöling and Dechen Chöling will be hosting 24-hour-a-day practice intensives that will parallel the meditation schedule at RMSC.

The consecration ritual will take place for the entire nine-day practice intensive, which will be presided over by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche accompanied by other rinpoches. During the intensive, they will complete the pujas necessary for bringing the stupa fully to life. The worldwide practice intensive is necessary to provide the purified ground for this process. It is our role as practitioners to create that global practice environment.

The formal prediction was drawn from these descriptions, and the full 9-day period from morning of the 9th to afternoon of the 17th was extracted for computations in a format similar to that used for the Pope's visit to the Middle East. The nine days' data were concatenated in sequence, and blocked by minutes to reduce the amount of data (as was done previously).

As can be seen in the figure below, there was no strong, clear trend. The Chi-square for the dataset was 12002 on 12030 degrees of freedom and a p-value of 0.567.

Buddhist Stupa Consecration

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