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Kennedy Tragedy

On the 16th of July, John F. Kennedy, with his wife and sister-in-law died in a small plane crash off Martha's Vineyard. Their fate was uncertain for a few days, but ultimately searchers located the wreckage and recovered the bodies. They were buried at sea on July 22 in a private ceremony, but public memorial services were held, including one that evening in Old St. Patrick's Cathedral. The tragedy evoked a tremendous outpouring of sadness and compassion, and deep media coverage. This was, however, especially strong in the US, although note was certainly taken elsewhere. In any case, the question can be asked whether there might be a larger reaction in the US than elsewhere. The following graphs show the GCP data as cumulative Chisquares during the ceremony at St. Patrick's. The first shows data from all eggs, the second from the US eggs only, and the third shows the data from non-US eggs. They speak for themselves.

Kennedy, St Pat All data

Kennedy, St Pat Non-US data

Kennedy, St Pat US data

However, nothing is simple when attempting to understand the subtleties of anomalies. The next three figures show the results during the public mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Again there is the global perspective, the US data, and the data from the non-US eggs. There is no differentiation, and no indication of an anomalous deviation. A similar set of analyses for the St. Thomas More private mass also showed no apparently associated anomalies.

Kennedy, Basilica, All data

Kennedy, Basilica, Non-US data

Kennedy, Basilica, US data

A different perspective looks at the crash itself, in the mode of an "earth consciousness" reacting. The time of the crash was probably about 01:30, UTC. A look at the data for the half hour surrounding this point in time is shown in the next figure.

Kennedy, Crash +/- 15 minutes

(July, 1999, comments by RDN, analyses by George deBeaumont, except half hour graph).

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