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Japanese Nuclear Accident

On Thursday, September 30, 1999, according to a BBC article published at 22:40 UTC, a major nuclear accident released large quantities of radioactive materials at a processing plant in Japan, causing some injuries at the plant, and evacuations of the surrounding area. A GCP prediction of high effect was made for the time surrounding the actual event. The leak was detected at 10:35 local time (0135 UTC). The prediction was for the period from 10 to 11 (0100 to 0200 UTC), with 15-minute blocking. The data had a modest deviation, with corresponding probability of 0.137. The figure shows a weak, steady trend for the actual time, compared with relatively flat data taken during a control period the previous day.

graph, Japan,
Nuclear Accident

(November, 1999, RDN, Figure by George deBeaumont).

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