Rainbow Gathering, 4th of July 2003

The Rainbow coalition is a loosely organized group who have been celebrating the summer and life for many years. They gather at some beautiful place in nature, with only a brief notice that is spread largely by word of mouth. I have known about it generally for a long time, and when I received suggestions to look at the effect on the egg network of this essentially spiritual movement, I decided to do so. This also coincided with the 4th of July 2003, which some worried might be another occasion for potential terrorist attacks, but which is of course also one of the major holidays in the US. I took the main period of the Rainbow gathering, from Sunrise to noon, PST, as the prediction period. This is 13 to 19 UTC. The resulting Chisquare is modestly positive at 21663 on 21600 df, with p = 0.3798. The image shows no persistent trend, though there is a fairly strong positive note in the last couple of hours.

Rainbow Gathering, 4th of
July 2003

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