Central American Quake

On January 13 2001, off the coast of Central America, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake caused widespread destruction in the region, especially in El Salvador. More than 600 were killed, with 440 missing as of a week later. More than 2400 injured, and in El Salvador 45000 houses destroyed. This quake was similar in magnitude to the Turkish quake in August 1999, and the prediction in this case was based on the striking outcome for the earlier quake. The period beginning 15 minutes before the actual event, continuing to 15 minutes after was taken as the formal data segment. As in 1999, there is a surprisingly strong deviation prior to the first shock. This could be a chance occurence, but it might be interpreted, if found in other cases, to indicate that there is some influence on the Egg network that is a precurson to the actual quake. It is too strongly put, but there is a suggestion of something like an "earth consciousness" that feels the pressures and tension that lead to the seismic event. In any case it is interesting to see such a similar trace two of the most destructive earthquakes in the last few years.

Central American Quake, 010113

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