Planetary Play, April 1 2006

A formal prediction was made for an event intended to bring lots of people together, at least virtually, to laugh and celebrate the Earth. Planetary Play Day was organized by The 2006 Noble Purpose Project, which is one of the many branches of the Association of Unity Churches. The event was set for April 1, 2006, and described on websites and in email networks with an invitation to join in and to bring friends into a moment of laughter.

Join the planet on the day we celebrate our Oneness through laughter and play. Play is about connecting. When we laugh together we connect. When we connect together we belong and then we experience the Funness of Oneness!

On April 1, 2006 at 6:00 pm Greenwich Joy Time, become a healing presence by connecting with your Planetary Play Partners around the world. We will be meeting in churches, synagogues, mosques...schools, in offices, movie theaters, front yards, fields and squares, the UN, the White House, London Tower and the Taj Mahal...

I had learned about the planned event several months earlier, and was reminded by Don Watson, who suggested it might be worthwhile to make a prediction and look at the EGG data during the appointed time. We agreed that a half hour or so would be a good period for the hypothesis test, though the laughing would likely go on for a few minutes at most. We set the period to include some time before as well as after, and decided to look at the half hour surrounding the appointed time, from 17:45 to 18:15 GMT.

The result does not show a deviation, and the cumulative shift has a probability of 0.498, and an equivalent Z-score of 0.004. While that is an almost symbolically non-result, I had fun, and most likely thousands of others did too. And we learn that such an organized effort to coordinate our prayers has at best a small chance of making an impression on the GCP network.

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