Indigo Children Peace Meditation

Don Watson sent a note on 15 April with the following information from a web and email promotion of a world-wide prayer vigil sponsored by a group that does this with some frequency:

`Join us in "Praying Peace" with the Indigo Children in the Middle East April 20th, 6pm New York Time, 11pm UK, 8am April 21 in Sydney.'
I asked Don for more information on the duration of the predicted event, and we agreed on 10 minutes, since that has been the length of the publicized communal prayer in other instances. The formal prediction was thus for 10 minutes beginning at 6pm EDT, which is 10 pm UTC. The result is in the direction opposite to the prediction, with Chisquare of 550.11 on 600 df, for p = 0.928. Interestingly, this outcome is one of several that show a trend to smaller Chisquare during meditation events. At this point, I do not know how this should be interpreted, but it is beginning to look as if there is some consistency that may be meaningful. Among the issues that may be salient are the venue, the nature of the question that is asked, and the nature of a possible "experimenter" effect.

Indigo Children Peace

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