Palestinian Government Fails, Gaza Splits

Hamas takes Gaza, Abbas dismisses government:

After four days of violence in the Palestinian territories, Hamas fighters took over the headquarters of rival faction Fatah's Preventive Security Forces and the offices of military intelligence in the Gaza strip today. Hamas dragged Fatah members out of the buildings and executed them on the street. At least 100 people, both Hamas and Fatah, have been killed in the fighting this week. There are reports that Hamas is closing in on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Gaza compound. Hamas announced that Gaza is now under its Islamic rule, the first step towards becoming an Islamic state.

In response, President Abbas, a member of Fatah, dissolved the three-month-old Hamas-led unity government and announced a state of emergency. He is establishing a temporary emergency government, which must be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council until elections can be held. Hamas has rejected all of Abbas's claims. A Hamas spokesman said that Prime Minister Ismail Haniya would not step down.

The timing of this event is vague, but the culmination was on the 14th and the fighting ended late that day. Our formal specification is for the 24 hour UTC day. The Chisquare is 86732.267 on 86400 df, with p-value = 0.212 and Z = 0.800.

Government Fails, Gaza Splits

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