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The Oraworld Resonance is the "First Action" in a planned series of experiments in the culture of peace and non-violence. It is a work of art and activism by Sonia Deotto, who has been gathering energies from people around the world over the past few years.

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The Organization for Resonance Through Art (ORA) is the symbol of the aspiration and effort to create a worldwide community of participants from many different cultures and traditions who share the vision of a peaceful planet, and are willing to explore their own evolution, and those of their associated institutions, in fulfillment of that vision. It will therefore be a laboratory for experimentation in a non-violent society and lifestyle, through individual and collective resonance with one another and with the Earth. The art and edifice of the Mandala we wish to create will reflect a worldwide map of social values, ideas, knowledge and resources of the different participants who express innovative currents and dynamic interactions to demonstrate the interdependence of all life.

23rd April 2005
"Opening an Archive of the Earth"

This proposal for the action on the 23rd April is a presentation of the work in progress started by the oraworldmandala association, on the 10th March 2005 in partnership and co-operation with the Gujarat Vidyapith founded by Mahatma Gandhi, the Sabarmati Ashram, Tribals from Panchmahal District of Gujarat, the 11 religious communities living in Ahmedabad represented by 25-30 people each, and artistic, scientific and social institutions, individuals and the press. The object of the action is to spend a day together, dedicated to a global consciousness of the aspiration for a culture of peace and non-violence, and to open an "Archive of the Earth" with the soils offered by the various participating groups and individuals.

The original, detailed description of the action is available as a Word document: First Action Plan. A brief description of the intent and structure of the project as a whole may be found at the Oraworld Website.

The formal hypothesis test for the GCP data will apply our "standard analysis" for the period from 6:20 am to 20:15 India time, which is 00:50 to 14:45 UTC on April 23.

The result is a striking positive trend during most of the day. The Chisquare is 50804 on 50100 df, which is equivalent to Z=2.216 and p=0.013.

Oraworld Resonance

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