Obama Wins Nomination

Judith Weiss asks whether "the global consciousness responded" to the Obama nomination which was sealed on Tuesday June 3. She referenced an article titled "World Welcomes Obama Win", and also quoted Jill Lawless of The Associated Press, who writes: "Excitement about Barack Obama emerged as a global phenomenon Wednesday as commentators and citizens around the world welcomed the news that he had sealed the Democratic presidential nomination."

While it is difficult to specify a point in time when the question was settled, Obama's acceptance speech seems to have been at about 10 pm CDT. The formal event period was set for 24 hours beginning three hours earlier (midnight, June 4th, GMT), and includes thus a few hours when certainty was building about the outcome, as well as much of a day after the speech, during which the global reaction developed.

The Chisquare is 87305 on 86400 df, for p = 0.015 and Z = 2.172. The graph shows very strong consistent trends, one beginning about the time of the speech, a reversal around 3:00 AM CDT, then another positive trend beginning about 8:00 AM.

Obama Wins

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