Korea Subway Fire

A tragic subway fire in Taegu, South Korea, was set by a deranged man on Tuesday, 18 Feb, 2003. The man threw a milk carton of flamable liquid into one car, and set it afire. The flames engulfed the whole train, and another that pulled into the station at the time, about 10:00 Korean time, 9 hours earlier than GMT. More than 130 people were killed and 99 were missing following the arson attack. The mayor of the southeastern city of Taegu said a 56-year-old male with a history of mental illness was suspected of starting the blaze at the end of the morning rush hour. Many struggled in vain to escape the inferno that reduced the trains to metal skeletons and sent black, acrid smoke belching into the sky for hours after the fire started.

"My daughter called me twice at 9.57 a.m. crying 'mother there's smoke everywhere, but the door won't open!" said a woman at a makeshift crisis centre outside Taegu's Joongangro Station.

"Everything is gone," said Sung Bo-hun, who was inside the subway until 7:40 pm (1040 GMT). "You can't recognise the people inside. It is all black and grey."

The prediction specified standard analysis of a 12 hour period from 09:45 Korean time (00:45 to 12:45 GMT) Feb 18 2003. This included a few minutes before the fire was set, and a longish aftermath period for the news to spread around the world. Our Korean egg was not running, but the nearby eggs in Japan and Vladivostok were examined to explore the possibility they might react more strongly.

The formal analysis period shows a sharp rise beginning at the time of the fire, followed by substantial oscillations. The terminal Chisquare is 43390 on 42300 df, for a p-value of 0.259. The nearby eggs show no early trend, but a strong departure beginning a few hours after the attack.

Korea Subway Fire

Korea Subway
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