Suicide Bombing in Kandahar

Scores of Afghan civilians were killed by a suicide bomber National Post: Sunday morning Feb 17, 2008, at a dog-fighting rally 10 kilometres northwest of Kandahar city, an area that falls inside the Canadian military's zone of security and combat operations in southern Afghanistan. The suicide bomber struck just after 10 a.m., local time, in the vicinity of Baghi Pol Manda, Arghandab district.

The attack claimed the lives of 80 local Afghans and wounded at least 50 others, Kandahar province Governor Asadullah Khalid told reporters at a news conference held three hours later inside his official residence. Six Afghan National Auxiliary Police officers including a senior commander were also believed to have died. People interviewed in Baghi Pol Manda thought Sunday's body count to be at least 100. Relatives had already removed some of the corpses for immediate burial, a fact that likely makes the governor's tally inaccurate.

The GCP event was set for one hour prior to 5 hours after the bombing, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (05:30 to 11:30 GMT). The result shows a small negative trend, with Chisquare 21492.245 on 21600 df, for a p-value of 0.697 and corresponding Z = -0.517.

Suicide Bombing
in Kandahar

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