India Train Crash, Oct 29 2005

Hyderabad, October 29. A passenger train derailed after the track gave way due to incessant rains in the early hours of today, killing around 150 persons and injuring many more. Most of the passengers were asleep when the engine and seven coaches of the Repalle-Secunderabad Delta Fast passenger train derailed around 4 am after the track was washed away by flash floods caused by heavy rain in the area. The tragedy occurred between Ramannapet and Valligonda railway stations, near Nalgonda, around 70 km from Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh Home Minister K. Jana Reddy, speaking to reporters at the scene of the accident, said while 100 bodies had been retrieved, another 20 to 30 could have been trapped inside the coaches.

The GCP prediction was for an hour before to four hours after the crash. Various times for the crash were reported; it was apparently between 4 and 4:30 am. We have specified the hypothesis test interval from 04:00 to 09:00 local, which is 21:30 UTC on the 28th to 02:30 29th. The results show a sharp trend for the first three hours of this period, but it drops during the last two hours, and the final Chi8square is 18080.912 on 18000 df, for Z = 0.429 and p = 0.334. (Estimated normalized Z is 0.408.)

India Train Crash, Oct 29

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