Harmonic Concordance Nov 8/9 2003

Suggestions came from many sources to identify the Harmonic Concordance on November 8/9 2003 as a global event. I met with John and Jan Mirehiel when they were traveling through Princeton a few weeks before the event, in the course of their months-long journey around the world to promote the Harmonic Concordance. A number of the people and groups who organize large-scale meditations and communious, including World Puja and Jonathan Goldman, made this event a clear focus. I took the descriptions and recommendations for the formal prediction from John Mirehiel and the Harmonic Concordance website

Although the motivations for the moment are based on a distinctive pattern in astrological metaphors, a major aspect was the total lunar eclipse November 8/9 2003, with totality at 01:12:45 GMT (9 Nov). Thus, there was not only the deep interest among people with spiritual interconnections, but a widespread interest encouraged by media discussion that brought many others to focus on the event.

Following the Mirehiel prescription, the formal event specification was for the period from 01:00 to 01:24 on the 9th, GMT, which is centered on the lunar eclipse totality. The result shows a steady trend for the first 20 minutes of this period, which drops off for the last few minutes. The Chisquare is 1473 on 1440 degrees of freedom, associated with a probability of 0.267.

Concordance Nov 8/9 2003

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