Hadj Stoning Stampede 2006

A stampede during the ritual stoning of the pillars at the climax the Hadj pilgrimage, 12 January 2006, in Saudi Arabia resulted in the deaths of more than 360 people. This is a tragedy that repeats too often. In 2004 we had a similar stampede at the same location. This analysis is thus a replication of a previous GCP event. The stampede occured near the holy Muslim city of Mecca, as pilgrims scrambled to throw stones at pillars representing the devil. The stampede apparently started at 9 GMT and lasted for about half an hour.

The GCP prediction was set for 8:00 to 12:00 GMT. The Chisquare for the 4-hour segment is 14546.6 on 14400 df, with p = 0.194 and Z=0.865.

Hadj Pilgrimage 2006

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