Groupmind Meditation 3

The third effort of the Global Group Mind Meditation to generate a world mind took place on Sunday November 12. Again, I invited Matthew Webb, the primary organizer, to specify the period in which we should predict an effect on the GCP network.

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Matthew Webb wrote:

> This is a final reminder for the upcoming Global Group Mind
> Meditation for this Sunday, (November 12th) at 3PM PST.

Hi Matthew,

Would you like again to say something about your impression
of the time period that the GCP might regard as representative
of the Group Mind Meditation yesterday?  I can use the same
period you mentioned for the last meditation (#2) if you
think that is appropriate, but would be happy to use
whatever seems right from your perspective.


Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:36:05 -0800
From: Matthew Webb 
To: rdnelson 
Subject: Re: This Sundays' GGM Meditation

Dear Roger, thank you for asking,

Generally speaking that time frame is most representative of "peak
meditational effect" (as indicated by feelings in the body).  On this
occasion however, the time period from approximately 3:20-3:40 PM PST 
was the strongest in terms of feeling.  This was especially true of "love
vibrations" via the fourth chakra, (for what that's worth).  If I can give
you any other useful information, or if you want to discuss, then please 
let me know.  Also, I encourage you to post any findings or your general
research objectives, on the WMS discussion board at
You may get some interesting feedback.

With warm regards,

Matthew Webb for
The World Mind Society

This corresponds to 23:20 to 23:40 UTC, and the specified 20 minute period has Chisquare of 1214.2 on 1200 df, for a p of 0.381. Thus, in contrast to the second group mind meditation, this one shows a small, positive deviation. The first figure shows the 20 minutes alone, and the second shows the 20 minute period in the context of an hour's data.

Groupmind Meditation 2

Groupmind Meditation 2

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