Groupmind Meditation 2

The second effort of the Global Group Mind Meditation group to encourage and guide a large-scale organized focus on the future of the planet and the development of a world mind took place on Sunday October 22. Following is some of the correspondence describing the meditation, and an exchange in which I invited Matthew Webb, the primary organizer, to specify the period in which we should predict an effect on the GCP network.

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 00:42:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: rdnelson 
To: Matthew Webb 
Subject: Re: This Sunday's Global Group Mind Meditation

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Matthew Webb wrote:

>   Dear friends of spiritual progress,
>   This is a final reminder for the upcoming Global Group Mind
> Meditation for this Sunday, (Oct 22nd) at 3PM PST.  
>   The Global Group Mind Meditations are now in progress, for the
> benefit of all beings on Earth.  They represent a growing effort by 
> people around the world, to focus their prayers and meditations together, 
> for the mutual expansion of consciousness.  Through this simultaneous 
> focus, we are aligning our awareness together on a psychic basis.  
> Through this alignment our ever-expanding world group is using INTENT, 
> to elevate the spiritual intensity of all involved.  At the same time 
> our Intent is also to uplift the World Mind, or collective consciousness 
> of humanity, and to heal the Earth, (Gaia) of stresses and imbalances.  
> ...

Hi Matthew,

This really looks nice.  Feels good.  Thanks.

I am looking at the GCP data based on your suggestions about
when to look.  The last GGMM is on the results page, though
not yet fully integrated.  If you have any feedback on that, 
or feelings about when to look for possible ordering effects 
on the corresponding data for this coming Sunday, I'll be 



Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 19:01:18 -0700
From: Matthew Webb 
To: rdnelson 
Subject: Re: This Sunday's Global Group Mind Meditation

Dear Roger,

Thank you for thinking of us. I would suggest that the peak of meditative
influence would be from 3:10-3:25 PST.  During this period there should
be a maximum of coherence and intensity.  

Matthew Webb

This corresponds to 22:10 to 22:25 UTC, and constitutes a prediction by Matthew for an increase in the coherence or resonance of consciousness in the world, which in turn is predicted to be correlated with a deviation of the corresponding GCP data. The correlated deviations of the Chisquare (Z^2) usually are positive, representing an increase in variance of the means and a positive trend in the cumulative deviation trace.

As it turns out, the specified 15 minute period has a remarkably LOW variance, with Chisquare of 814.05 on 900 df, for a p of 0.981 (equiv to 0.019). If this is doubled, to compensate for looking at both tails of the distribution, it still has a probability of about 1 part in 25. Could be chance fluctuation, but the likelihood seems even smaller when the graphic display of the data is considered. The timing of the strong secular trend that leads to the low probability is strikingly precise. The first figure shows the 15 minutes alone, and the second shows the 15 minute period in the context of an hour's data. (Note: one Egg, #1000 has been removed from the calculation because its data were defective due to a hardware problem.)

Groupmind Meditation 2

Groupmind Meditation 2

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