Groupmind Meditation, Sept 24 2000

One of the categories of potentially effective "global events" we have been exploring since the inception of the GCP is organized meditation. In fact, most of these are not global in the sense that a very large proportion of the world population is engaged or indeed even aware of the event. Yet, the nature of these is aligned with the central notion of coherence and resonance among people, and we can speculate that the quality of the interactive consciousness field generated by an intentional meditation on peace or a better future may have disproportionate weight, and yield a noticeable effect on the EGG network despite the relatively small number of people involved.

The September 24th event was explicitly designed with a "Global Group Mind" concept at its core, as described in this email invitation to participate.

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Matthew Webb wrote:

This is a final reminder for the upcoming Global Group Mind Meditation 
for this Sunday, (Sept 24th) at 3PM PST. Over 100 individuals and groups
have requested information on this event. This meditation is based upon
a 5-part set of writings known as The Perpetual Raising. These are
available on the World Mind Society website at

In order to establish the parameters for a formal prediction, I sent a note to Matthew after the event, requesting his thoughts on what would be a reasonable period to specify:

Hi Matthew,

I wonder if you might be able to estimate how much time people will have
meditated.  You mention beginning at 3PM, and give sufficient direction
that most people will have spent some reasonable time on average, with perhaps
considerable variability.  I would like to make a prediction and look at
the GCP/EGG data to see how the data look during a period of time nominally
beginning at 3PM (would you agree?) and continuing for a while.  Can you
estimate the length of the while?

Matthew responded:

The meditation you mentioned was not given a strict, or even suggested time
frame.  I know you want specific information to get reliable data, but there
was no time limit associated with this event.  Sorry.  On the average I
would say an hour is probable, but that would vary with each person around
the world.  I recommend checking the first 30 minutes for indications of
shift, and comparing this to the background time two hours previous, and
afterwards.  Anyway, so much for my two Farthings' worth.

I am always interested in your feedback on any of this material, I hope
you realize.  It was good to hear from you again.

Love and Clarity,

Given this response, the prediction was set for 3:00 to 4:00 PM, PST, which corresponds to 22:00 to 23:00 UTC, with 1-second resolution and medium expectation. There is a positive trend in the GCP data during this time, though it does not reach significance, with Chisquare = 3704 on 3600 dgrees of freedom, and a corresponding probability of 0.1108. The following figure shows this hour-long segment as a fairly steady trend.

Groupmind meditation,
Sept 24 2000

The next figure shows the context, as suggested in Matthew's note, beginning an hour before the meditation was scheduled, and continuing for another hour following the event. Though there was no formal prediction relevant to this broader exploration, it is interesting to note that the beginning of the meditation period corresponds to a striking inflection in the trend of the data.

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