Global Deeksha

A Global Deeksha event was planned for November 23rd 2006 at 11:30 am EDT. Its primary intent was to celebrate a day of Worldwide Thanksgiving. At the same time it was also designed to transmit a spiritual blessing called Deeksha (or Diksha) to all people around the world who participated in a Thanksgiving Day Deeksha conference call. This is the description:

The purpose of this call is to send Deeksha to the Global Mind and raise the consciousness of humanity. We will be joining thousands of others globally, sending Deeksha, Love, and Thanksgiving to the "Global Brain"- With the very special focus of raising of the Consciousness of the Global Mind. Please, please, please- Join us!

The GCP set a formal event for this time, as part of an ongoing series of meditation, prayer, and positive intentionality events organized on a large scale. The time was as described for the conference call, to begin at 16:30 GMT and continue for 60 minutes. The result is a modest positive deviation with Chisquare 3613.3 on 3600 df, a p-value of 0.435 and Z = 0.164.

A special note may be in order since there was some focus on "measuring the effect" of the Global Deeksha by the GCP. The effects we study are statistical, and very small, often buried in noise. Single events are not generally capable of showing effects reliably; this requires 30 to 50 events. So it is possible to learn how something like meditation, prayer, or Deeksha is seen by the EGG network only by patient repetition of well-designed tests of the hypothesis that there will be correlation.

Global Deeksha

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