Gemayel Assassination

Lebanon, November 21 2006. Pierre Gemayel, a leading anti-Syrian Lebanese minister and Maronite Christian leader, has been killed in the capital, Beirut. Mr Gemayel, 34, was shot in his car in a Christian suburb and rushed to hospital, where he died. His death comes amid a political crisis in Lebanon, following the resignation of six pro-Syrian cabinet members.

The murder drew swift condemnation from around the world, and focused attention again on the fragile political situation in Lebanon. We could not determine the exact time beyond that it was afternoon. The time of the GCP event was set to look at 4 hours data begninning at noon local time. The result shows a negative trend for the first hour and 30 mins, then levels off for a final Chisquare of 14233 on 14400, p = 0.837 and Z = -0.983. Gemayel

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