Gather The Women

A prediction was suggested by Carol Hansen Grey, and registered 27 Aug 2002 for March 8 2003:

Women of Vision and Action, an international network of women leaders who are dedicated to taking spirit-based action to create positive change in the world is sponsoring a project called Gather the Women. It will take place the week of March 3, 2003 with daily activities leading up to the Global Gathering of Women on March 8th. We envision a billion women (and probably also many men) participating in some way in this project to ground the feminine energy and to bring the planet back into balance. We feel balance is key to bringing about the positive changes we all envision for our planet. If we look at all the challenges we face in our world today, it can be brought down to a core issue: the masculine/feminine energy is out of balance, thus every segment of society is out of balance. If something is out of balance it cannot function harmoniously. Working on correcting the balance is working at the cause level-- the only level where permanent change can be made.

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In the absence of a more specific prediction, I arbitrarily chose to specify the full 24-hour UTC day as the analysis segment, using the standard analysis, with seconds resolution. The outcome is a fluctuating trace with some apparent trends, but no overall significant indicatation. The Chisquare is 86077 on 86400 df, for a p-value of 0.781.

Gather The Women

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