Full Moon, 7 May 2001

Don Watson sent me information about celebrations of the full moon in Taurus, 7 May 2001, which is the focus of meditations to create global consciousness. This makes it seem reasonable for a GCP prediction, and though it is not necessarily a widely known participatory event, there certainly are many groups around the world who take it as an important moment. Don sent the basic information and a website, http://www.lucistrust.org/events/wesak.shtml, where I could get more precise timing. The prediction was for a period of 15 minutes exactly at the full moon, as described by a channeled Buddha. Specifically, the decision was made to take a 15 minute period centered on the full moon, which occurred at 13:54 GMT on the 7th. The following figure shows the activity of 28 eggs which had reported at the time of the analysis. The Chisquare was 918.36 on 900 df, for a p-value of 0.328. Full Moon, 7 May 2001 A control comparison, using corresponding data from a pseudorandom source, has Chisquare 852.68 on 900 df and p = 0.869. The following graph displays the cumulative deviation of the pseudorandom data. Fullmoon Meditation, Pseudo

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