Fire The Grid II

A second "Fire The Grid" event was set for July 28 2009, and sought again to bring a huge number of people around the world to share in a meditation or focus on the world. This year's was not so widely publicized -- at least I did not get so many emails about it -- but was also a big event. Here is the description of what to do, provided in 2007:

To join, you don't have to pray or meditate (although if that's what makes you happy, bring it on...:-) Simply engage in anything that brings you joy: listen to your favourite music, hug your children, walk your dogs and let the joy of life fill you up. Thank the universe for this special moment and imagine yourself spilling over with a brilliant light that you send out to connect with that of others.

The idea is this: Everything in the universe has a vibration. When you feel down and depressed, your vibrations are low. With all the problems that are facing us, humanity and our environment, we have all become preoccupied with our difficulties and their associated fears. Slowly, our own and our planet's vibrations have become depleted.

If we can all raise our vibrations at the same time, we can raise those of the Earth and start the healing process. Give it a shot! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To raise your vibrations on a daily basis do this:

- Be in the moment For instance, we all have put food in our mouths while being distracted. Taste it, feel it filling you up and savour the sensation. Do this with all things as often as possible.

- Give thanks to the universe, even if it's just for a great parking spot

- Love and forgive yourself.

- Live your life to enrich that of others

The formal event was defined as the one hour period from 22:19 to 23:19 GMT on July 28. The Chisquare is 3640.707 on 3600 df, for p=0.313 and Z=0.486. This is in accord with the prediction, though it is far from significant.

For context you may want to go to our analysis of the at first FTG event.

Fire The Grid

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