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Indian Ferry Disaster

From Asia Pacific News: Posted: 01 May 2012 1313 hrs

India ferry disaster leaves 200 dead, missing

A ferry with some 250 passengers on board has sunk in a river in the Indian state of Assam (AFP Graphic)

GUWAHATI, India: Hopes dimmed on Tuesday of finding more survivors after an overcrowded ferry split in two and sank in northeast India, leaving more than 100 dead and around 100 missing.

Police said 105 bodies, including women and children, had been recovered so far from the fast-flowing waters of the Brahmaputra river in Assam state, where the ferry sank in a sudden storm late Monday afternoon.

Despite an operating capacity of 225, some 350 people were believed to be on the two deck boat when it broke up mid-river in torrential, pre-monsoon rains.

Police said some 150 were rescued or swam to safety. The ferry carried no lifeboats or lifebelts and the chances of picking up more survivors after a night in the water were remote.

From Times of India:

Deputy commissioner Kumud Chandra Kalita said about 25 people swam to safety after the double-decked ferry with over 300 people onboard was crossing the river from Dhubrighat when it capsized in the storm at 4.20pm.

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Indian Ferry Disaster

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