Election 2006 Results

(Paraphrased from CNN.com) -- A sweeping Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives in the Tuesday Nov 7 2006 midterm election and likely control of the Senate were attributed in exit polls to negative views of President Bush and the war in Iraq. The results for the house were clear by Wednesday morning, and it appeared likely that Democrats would control the senate as well.

According to CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider, voters were angry and wanted change -- and the old adage that all politics is local did not apply this year. Schneider said as he interviewed voters across the country, "a lot of voters said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic.' They didn't even know the name of the Democrat, but they said, 'I'm going to vote Democratic because I don't like Bush, I don't like the war, I want to make a statement'."

According to exit polls, 57 percent of all voters disapprove of the war in Iraq and 58 percent disapprove of Bush's job performance.

The formal event was set as an 8 hour period beginning at 8:00 AM Wednesday morning, when the news organizations were declaring the Democrats winners in the house, while continuing to regard the senate as in question. The results show a positive but not significant outcome with Chisquare 29107 on 28800 df, for p=0.101 and Z=1.277.

Election 2006

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