Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Wed

Prof. Adrian Patrut proposed a prediction for Prince Charles' wedding: "I am aware that the marriage of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles was too close in time to the Pope's funeral and that it is possible that you will not obtain significant results. But I think also that the marriage of Prince Charles is a too important event to be overlooked by the GCP." One of the intentions for the formal series of hypothesis tests is to learn about different categories, even when we do not expect strong deviations.

Adrian also said, "I expect a strong effect for the funeral and a smaller effect or even no effect for the marriage ceremony. I made this supposition based on the hypothesis concerning the existence of a so-called 'mimosa-type' syndrome.

"The 'mimosa-type' syndrome stipulates that if an event generates a significant effect on the GCP network, a (similar or different) event that occurs shortly after the previous event (probably a few days later) will generate a smaller effect or even no effect.

"We will see what the results will show."

Following is the detailed description of the event provided by Adrian Patrut: Following is the detailed description of the event he provided:


Saturday, April 9, 2005

The civil Ceremony:

11.32 UTC: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles arrive at the 17th century Guildhall in Windsor in a black Rolls Royce type 1962.

11.52: Prince Charles and Camilla both say "yes" during the modest civil marriage ceremony. Camilla becomes Duchess of Cornwall.

The religious ceremony:

13.23 UTC: Queen Elisabeth II and the Prince Consort Philip arrive at the Gothic St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

13.29: Prince Charles and Camilla arrive at the St. George's Chapel and are met by the Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury.

13.35: begin of the solemn religious ceremony, in the presence of 750 guests.

13.40: the Archbishop of Canterbury blesses Prince Charles and Camilla after they pledged to be faithful to each other.

14.09: end of the religious ceremony.

14:11: Prince Charles and his wife Camilla leave the St. George's Chapel.

The standard analysis was used for the formal hypothesis test, with times as specified by Adrian Patrut. The departure from expectation during the specified period is significant, with a Z-score of 1.681, and p-value of 0.046. Thus the Mimosa conjecture is not supported in this case. (Note, however, that no single test of any question can be reliably made with the low signal to noise data of the GCP.)

Prince Charles and Camilla 

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