Burning Man, 2007

Last year I looked at the GCP data over an 8 year period, during the most intense day, the Saturday of the burning. The result was sufficiently strong that I decided to make a formal prediction this year. Here is part of a description from the previous analysis.

There is something unexplained and magical that happens to the 30-50,000 + people that come to the event. Channels and waves are so open that it almost seems that with everyone in one clear line of positive, constructive energy, we all can connect and achieve things that seem almost impossible.


But the final product of what happens in this week, is far beyond words to describe. The site is vague because they don't want just anyone coming, the place is filled with incredible, mind opening experiences and maybe its location in the desert also signifies something. It is attended by scientists, artists and leading figure in every area of the world, giving lectures, talking, connecting and explaining, not to mention the event itself is compared by none in terms of visual stimulation, lights and art and ideas all over.

The main event is on the Saturday before Labor Day, September 1st, and the location is west coast USA. The time of the actual burning is 9 pm to 10 pm according to the calendar on the Burning Man website. This corresponds to 0400 to 0500 GMT on September 2nd, which was set for the formal event period. The result conforms to the previous trends, though it is only marginally significant, with Chisquare of 3732.835 on 3600 df, a p-value of 0.060 and equivalent Z of 1.554 (uncorrected). The cumulative curve shows some striking deviations early in that period, and has a moderate positive trend for most of the hour.

Burning Man,

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