Us Begins Bombing of Afghanistan

I was pleased that the US government did not rush to "bomb them into the stone age" as the public wisdom had it for a brief time. Instead, there was commendable effort to think deeply, and see what would be the most effective course of action in responding to the terrorist attacks of September 11. It was not to last.

    Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 12:27:01 -0400 (EDT)
    From: rdnelson 
    To: Roger D. Nelson 
    Subject: prediction

    On October 7 2001, apparently at 12:30 EDT, the US began attacks
    on Afghani sites, followed at about 13:00 by food/medicine drops.  
    I am traveling, and have no access to the prediction registry, so 
    am writing this note from the public library in North Platte NE 
    to establish the parameters.  The prediction is for a period 
    beginning at 12:00 and continuing for 8 hours (1600 to 2400 GMT) 
    seconds resolution, medium confidence, standard analysis.

The result (which is being checked by Peter Bancel) is a positive trend that does not reach significance. The Chisquare is 28975 on 28800 df, with p = 0.232.

Us Begins Bombing of

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