A Day of Murderous Violence

August 31, 2004 was a bad day for bombings, with two suicide attacks in Israel and one in Russia. And in Iraq, 12 hostages were murdered by extremists.

In Beer Sheba, Israel, just before 3 pm (12 noon GMT), suicide bombers triggered nearly simultaneous blasts on two buses in the southern Israeli city. 16 people were killed and 90 wounded, 3 in critical condition. Hamas in Hebron claimed responsibility. The blasts occurred in the city center, close to its municipal building.

In Russia, at least 10 people were killed and 51 injured in a bombing in central Moscow on Tuesday night, two days after contested presidential elections in Russia's conflict-torn republic of Chechnya. Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, said a woman suicide bomber had blown herself up with a charge of up to 1 kilogramme of explosives near the exit from the city's Rizhsky metro station at 8pm local time (16:00 GMT), after raising suspicions among employees.

In Baghdad, an Iraqi group murdered 12 kidnapped Nepalese workers in cold blood yesterday as a new deadline set for two captive French journalists by another group expired. I could not find the time when this travesty occurred, but the video was released on the 31st, and news reports assume that date for the killings. Probably they wer in the morning, but that is just a guess; 8:00 am in Baghdad is 04:00 GMT. Finally, I decided that the whole GMT day should be the formal analysis period. In the figure below, the times of the Beer Sheva and Moscow bombings are marked. The Nepalese hostage murder time is suggested with a question mark.

The Chisquare for the formal test is 87128.299 on 86400 df, with p = 0.040 and Z = 1.749.

Bad Day for Violence

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