Action 350 for the Climate

An International Day of Climate Action was set for October 24, 2009. People in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history. In over 5200 events around the woeld. people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis. Here is the description from

We're calling on people around the world to organize an action on October 24 incorporating the number 350 at an iconic place in their community, and then upload a photo of their event to website.

We'll collect these images from around the world and, with your help, deliver them to the media and world leaders. Together, we can show our world and it's decision-makers just how big, beautiful, and unified the climate movement really is.

To help you take part in October 24's international day of climate action, we are:

* Lifting public awareness on the need for an international climate treaty to reach 350
* Assembling a coalition of hundreds of organizations committed to this vision of a more sustainable world
* Connecting you with others in your community and across the planet who are building this movement
* Providing on-line resources and tools that make pulling together an event easy
* Linking your October 24 event with hundreds of other actions at iconic places around the world
* Leveraging the day of action for meaningful political change

This event is in a series of peace and world healing days, and was set as a formal event, using the whole 24 hour GMT day. The result was Chisquare 86307.919 on 86400 df for p = 0.587 and Z = -0.220.

Action 350 for
the Climate

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