Mars Close Approach

A number of people suggested that the close approach of Mars late in August 2003 would be a good time for a GCP prediction. On the 27th, our neighbor would be the closest in 60,000 years. One suggestion, by Prof. Adrian Patrut of Romania, had sufficient particularity for a clear prediction, which he felt would have a medium likelihood.

It refers to the big Yang spiral, which will take place in Costinesti, on the coast of the Black Sea (ca. 550 km away from Cluj) in the night of August 27/28. The Yang spiral will last for 108 minutes, from UTC 23:00, August 27 to UTC 0:48, August 28, a.m. and will be attended by 10,000 members of MISA from Romania and other countries.

MISA (the Spiritual Movement of Integration in the Absolute) is the largest yoga group in the world, having its main center in Bucharest and additional centers in 20 Romanian cities. It is conceived as a University; its members attend classes over every weekend, the overall duration of studies being of 13 years. The number of active members in Romania is of ca. 30,000, about half of them being college students or college graduates. MISA has branches in 15 countries in Europe, America, and Asia (including USA and India).

The spiral effect will strongly affect the participants, who will enter in an ASC, which will last for several hours beyond the end of the meditation. A significant number of participants will not resist the "energy" of the spiral and eventually will fall on the ground, where they will remain for a long time period.

The Yang spiral is associated with the annual astrological hiatus on UTC 23:43 August and with the closest approach of Mars to the Earth

The formal prediction followed this prescription exactly, specifying the standard analysis. The outcome, with 49 eggs on the 27th and 50 on the 28th, is Chisquare is 6438.3 on 6480 df, and p = 0.641. Thus the test statistic is slightly in the wrong direction, despite a strong positive trend at the beginning of the period.

Mars & Yang Spiral

This event was also the first in an exploratory set of analyses designed to meet certain critical objections. Prior to the formal analysis, I gave the specifications to Prof. Dick Bierman of Amsterdam, who then extracted the data and four "decoy" datasets from elsewhere in the database. He provided me with the five datasets, which I was free to process any way I wished, with the task of ranking the five from most to least likely to be the real data. I did two kinds of analysis, and in both cases gave the target data rank # 2 of 5. The two following figures show the data from a Means-based analysis (similar to the standard formal approach) and a Variance-based analysis. The real data are the sequence plotted in yellow, set E.

Mean X Mars & Yang Spiral

Variance X Mars & Yang Spiral

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