Terror Plot Foiled

A major terror attack plot was foiled by British intelligence, with the arrest August 10 2006 of a group of "homegrown" Islamic fundamentalists Thursday morning. Description adapted from Guardian Unlimited, Matthew Tempest:

21 people were arrested in a series or raids across England. Two in Birmingham, at least one in High Wycome and the majority in London. Two houses in Walthamstow were raided. All the arrests are made on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000. Searches of other properties in London and elsewhere continued through the day.

At 5:35 am, Metropolitan police announced that a "major terrorist plot" to allegedly blow up an undisclosed number of aircraft has been "disrupted". Arrests are described as part of an "intelligence operation" lasting several months by the anti-terrorist branch and security services. Home Secretary John Reid and transport secretary Douglas Alexander broadcast a short message repeating that message. The threat level determination by MI5 is raised to "critical". "This means that an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK."

The news services were dominated by the foiled plot pretty much all day, and the formal prediction was therefore made to assess the full 24 hour GMT day. This includes a few hours prior to the announcement, the early period of chaotic activity at airports, and the longer term of developing news reaction around the world.

The result shows a strong trend for some 11 hours beginning at about 04:30 (05:30 British Summer Time), corresponding approximately to the early announcement. The trend peaks at about 16:00, and then flattens. Chisquare is 86951 on 86400 df for p = 0.093 and Z = 1.325.

Terror Plot

There is an interesting possible correspondence with this major event and a dream Leane Roffey reported in an email the day before. While it is not evidentiary, there is a similar feeling to the content of dream and the event.

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