Korean Typhoon, Sept 12 2003

A major typhoon struck the Korean penninsula on Sept 12, 2003, causing a great deal of damage, and some loss of life. I wasn't able to determine a sharply focused time, but took 9:00 to 16:00 GMT, which corresponded to the evening hours in Korea. This time interval included some of the worst winds and flooding, and continued some hours into the aftermath period where people were assessing the damage and beginning the recovery efforts.

The formal test specified all eggs, but the green trace in the figures below shows the local, Korean egg in Seoul for comparison. The second figure shows also the difference (black) between the local egg's behavior and the average across the 55 eggs running at the time. The formal Chisquare is 25306 on 25200 df, with p = 0.317.

Typhoon, Sept 12 2003 Korean 
Typhoon, Sept 12 2003

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