Events on October 12 2002

Quite by chance, there are three independent predictions made for time periods on October 12 2002. One was registered months ago by Petr Douza:

I'd like to bring to your attention the EarthDance event, 
a global electronic music party organised each year as a 
peace meditation - through dance. It's being held since 1997 
on second weekend of October, last year with 100 cities 
participating and 100,000 people dancing.  All dancefloors 
are connected through "Prayer for peace", track played 
simultaneously at one time point in all partyplaces. I think 
a nice moment for GCP analysis. Next Earthdance is on October 
12, 2002 (Prayer for Peace played at midnight London time). 

Much later I got notes from several people saying that they thought James Twyman's visit to Baghdad on October 12 should be notable in the data of the GCP. Twyman works to focus thought and prayers on peace in the world, and was invited to Iraq to present a peace concert there. This event also linked with the "Earth Dance" in the preceding prediction.

And then, while traveling, I heard about the terrorist bombing in Bali on the 12th, at the Kuta Beach resorts where many young westerners gather to celebrate the sensuous beauty of the world. But in our time, unfortunately, there are ugly forces that manifest in terrible, arbitrary, destructive attacks that seem to focus on the innocents. Almost 200 people died in the explosions and fires.

The following graphs show the results for these three events. None is significant. In temporal order they are, first, the Bali Bombing at 15:30 UTC, with Chisquare 8959.6 on 9000 df, p = 0.617. Second is the Twyman concert at 1700 UTC, Chisquare 1185.2 on 1200 df, p = 0.614. Third, the EarthDance, at midnight London time (11:00 UTC) with Chisquare 1489 on 1500 df, p = 0.575. Bali Bombing October 12 2002 Tyman in Baghdad October 12 2002 EarthDance, October 12 2002

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